MEDTEK mission

We are committed to minimization of (as low as physical laws permit) harmful effects of radiology study while enhancing and simultaneously raising the diagnostic value of acquired images to the level that provides:

  • Early pathology detection for healthcare;
  • Reliable nondestructive testing for industries.

The mission is realized with the help of

  • The most up to date scientific knowledge and technological achievement in creation of highly sensitive detectors and digital solutions for healthcare radiography, including expertise and experience of our medicine customers;
  • Creative, educational, scientific potential of the constantly developing staff, united by socially significant goals and principles of free labor with a fair account of everyone’s contribution to the common cause;
  • Highly effective science base and production resources with quality and risk management implemented throughout the life span of medical equipment and its software.

The mission is being realized by:

  • Creating high quality, highly effective, safe and harmless digital X-ray solutions for medical radiography diagnostics and industrial radiography for nondestructive testing;
  • Promoting our concepts and achievements through advertisement and participation in exhibitions and conferences.